A game of chance is a game of chance when you win. In other games, on the other hand, it depends on other things: You can think well, assess your opponent, or you are skillful. Sometimes games of chance are banned or not allowed to be played anywhere or with everyone.

In the game of dice, for example, the point is that you roll a high number of pips. Whether that succeeds is a pure coincidence: You cannot influence it, at least not if everything is done correctly. You just have to be lucky to win.

Many games are not just games of chance or mind games. In a card game like Mau-Mau or Poker such as 인싸포커, it is a coincidence which cards you get. But the player then decides what to do with the cards and when to play which card.

Is gambling prohibited?

The state should protect people. Lots of people gamble for money and can lose a lot in the process. They try to get their money back and lose even more. These people, but often their families too, suffer from this.

That is why there are laws about “gambling”. First of all, such a law has to explain what exactly a game of chance is. What is meant are games in which you can win money and if the winning is mainly random. In some countries, the law specifically states which games these are. In Austria, for example, it’s about roulette, bingo and poker.

In addition, the state says how and when such games can be played. The rules for doing this differ from country to country. Often it is about not being allowed to play outdoors, but only in one room. Only adults are allowed in this room.

Why isn’t gambling just banned?

For a long time, the state simply banned gambling. Today it’s a little different. On the one hand, the state does not want to forbid people to do anything they enjoy. In general, the state is not allowed to prohibit everything, because people have rights. On the other hand, the state itself earns from gambling.

In some countries, only the state is allowed to set up games of chance. He has a monopoly on it. There are only state lotteries and casinos there. The state justifies it with the fact that it supposedly also pays attention to the wellbeing of the players. Gambling addicts would not be allowed into the casino. For a company, on the other hand, it’s all about making money.