Legal laws concerning online gambling is always changing. But there’s one thing that always remain constant and that’s the fact that it is making tons of money. Whether you believe it or not, the industry is generating over a billion dollars per year. It is safe to say that gambling as a whole is a massive business and countless people cashed in on it too.

Only One Thing is Constant

The thing is, it caused ambiguous legal issues as online gambling’s legality is being challenged every now and then.

There are many differences with regards to the legality of taking bets, making bets, advertising on websites and facilitating payments to the casinos. At the same time, there are new legal concerns showing up.

Betting Legalities as per State

As a matter of fact, there’s no federal law that is in place with regards to placing wagers over the web. Meaning to say, anyone who is at their legal age can make an online bet. On the other hand, the bet should not be placed on websites that are operating in the US. There’s a minimal chance that players may run afoul of the individual state laws. Though the only case that’s cited in which an individual faced trouble with the state was back in 2003. It was when Jeffrey Trauman, a resident of North Dakota had to pay $500 on over $100k winnings from making online sports bet.