Sweets and drinks are indispensable for long gameplay. It’s a blissful time to eat delicious snacks while playing games. But before you eat check first your food if it is verified (먹튀검증) It’s a waste to just quench your hunger and thirst! For gamers who need to maintain their physical strength and concentration at all times, snacks are also “recovery items that charge energy and increase HP / MP.” Many of you may have heard of coffee for drowsiness, chocolate for studying for entrance exams, etc., but what kind of sweets are good when playing games? In this article, we will explain the functions of the nutrients contained in foods and drinks that are ideal as “game companions,” and also introduce tips for eating as cleanly as possible on your hands and game consoles.

Conditions for “game companion”
First of all, let’s organize the points about snacks that are suitable for “drinking and eating while playing games”. I’m just sitting in a gaming chair and just playing a game without moving from the front of the monitor, but for some reason I’m hungry … There are gamers like that, but there’s a good reason for this. When the energy in the body is consumed and the amount of glucose flowing in the blood decreases = the blood sugar level drops, humans feel hungry trying to supplement it with food. The brain uses glucose as its main energy source and requires about 20% of the energy of the entire body *, so if you use your head, a lot of glucose will be consumed.

Easy to eat without getting your hands dirty
Ease of eating, a prerequisite for eating while eating. Since “playing games” is the main focus, “eating snacks” should not be deprived of time and concentration. I like something that can be put in your mouth quickly and you don’t have to worry about spilling it. And above all, it’s important that your hands don’t get dirty. It’s just a matter of wiping your hands after eating, but it takes time and effort, and in order to prevent the tragedy of grasping the controller and eventually becoming sticky, “things that are easy to eat without getting your hands dirty” Is the best choice.

Can be stocked
It’s unsatisfactory because I’ve eaten the “game companion”, but it’s also troublesome to stop the game and go buy more. I think there are many gamers who have had such an experience.

It is recommended to stock a certain amount so that you can quickly replenish nutrition and hydration when you want to eat or drink. Keep “stackable items” that have a long expiration date and are easy to store. However, it is not good to overeat or clutter your room with stock. It is also important to arrange rules and environment, such as determining the amount of food to eat and securing a space for neat storage.

Deliciously improve your concentration! Effective ingredients for the energy supply of the brain
Glucose is an energy source for activities such as the brain and muscles. Normally, it is possible to supplement with three meals a day, but if you overuse your brain in games, supplement with sweets containing glucose or refreshing drinking water.

Vitamin B1
It is a nutrient necessary for producing energy from sugar. It activates the functions of the brain and nerves and keeps the skin and mucous membranes healthy. People who like sweets and alcohol, and those who use their heads a lot should be aware that metabolism consumes a lot of B1 vitamins and tends to be deficient. When you want to concentrate, or when you feel tired in your eyes (optic nerve) after playing a game, it is effective to take something containing vitamin B1 together with sweets containing sugar such as glucose.

Omega 3 (DHA / EPA), Omega 6
It is a fatty acid necessary to support smooth nerve transmission and enhance brain function. The human brain is 60% fat, and it is important to have a good balance of oil. Although omega 3 and omega 6 are essential “essential fatty acids” for humans, they cannot be produced by the body. It should be taken from foods such as fish, nuts, and vegetable oils that are high in these.

Iron (heme iron)
It is one of the constituents of hemoglobin (red blood cells), which is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. When iron is deficient, the whole body becomes deficient in oxygen, resulting in what is called anemia. If you have symptoms of anemia, such as dullness, coldness, or poor concentration, supplement with iron-containing foods or supplements. When taken with animal protein or vitamin C, it is effective in increasing the absorption rate.

A natural ingredient that awakens the sympathetic nerves and reduces fatigue and drowsiness. It is said to be effective in improving cognitive/thinking ability and motor function and is suitable for improving concentration. While you can easily take it with coffee, you need to be careful about addiction and addiction due to overdose.