The turnover that the gambling industry generates every year is not exclusively associated with the sale of games. In each game, the player has the opportunity to equip his character. You can equip with new clothes and powerful weapons and that increases sales significantly.

What advantage does the gaming industry have?


The gaming industry now has a larger annual turnover than the film and music industries combined. But this also includes online casinos and sports betting. According to some statistics, in 2016 the gaming industry already had a turnover of more than 91 billion US dollars worldwide. The cinema market took in 38 billion US dollars. The music industry is 15 billion US dollars. Although, a lot here goes hand in hand with the usage from smartphones, etc.

This turnover has been multiplied every year to this day. You can find its absolute highest turnover in the last two years.

Who is playing more – teenagers or adults?

Last year, the Entertainment Software Association released a report with key sales, demographics and usage data from the United States. 64 percent of US households now own a device that they use to play video games.

What is also amazing here is that the average age of players is 34, with 70 percent being over 18 years old. A very curious fact is that women over the age of 18 make up 33 percent of the gaming population.

If this audience is divided into different groups, the following picture emerges, the 18 to 35 year olds make up 16 percent. The proportion of 36 to 49 year olds is 12 percent, and finally, those over 50 still like to play video games.

Similarities between movies and games

These days, anything that can be found in movies is also available in games. Many of the new generation games used image capture to realistically simulate every movement in the openUSER20 (เปิดUSER20) games with stunning graphics. And this is where an important point comes into play which is interaction.

You are in control of the situation and you are the protagonist for every achievement and overcoming challenges in the game. The feeling of being able to control a character is indescribable. You can be a person you would never be in real life, such as an archaeologist, a hero, a bandit, a pilot, an MMA fighter or a soccer player.

You choose the game and the person you want to be in the virtual world.  With a good internet connection, there are no limits to the fun in the gaming world.