Online gambling is currently not allowed in the Netherlands. The law will change in the year 2020 to allow entrepreneurs to offer online gambling services under certain conditions. Is this wise, as there are more directors, or does it really encourage gambling addiction?


Act before things go wrong

How can you ensure a responsible online gambling environment? Players are responsible for their own actions, but gambling providers have a duty of care. It is a new law. However, it is not clear what this duty of care entails, and now often no action is taken on the issue of addiction until the player already has the issue.


Results and Treatment of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is persistent and people often lead to a dual life. Shame is enormous, and gambling addiction creates great stress, helplessness, and powerlessness. Therefore, Steuter advocates mandatory direct payments via the gambling platform.


The (Gambling) Game Mechanisms

The game developers are becoming more and more accustomed to the mechanisms by which people gamble for long periods of time and spend large amounts of money on online games, online casinos like black jack, poker and slot games(슬롯게임). But how do these mechanisms work exactly? Before, some used to buy games and get subscriptions, but in recent years the “free-to-play” approach has taken hold. The game is free, enthusiastic, and drawn into the game world and tries to run it. It will make your gaming experience even better.

Another mechanism is artificial scarcity. A lot of money is paid for digital elements that are very specially created or rarely created. Alternatively, the game maker guarantees that you will always “pass through the store” in the game. Or you have progressed in the game and need to come back to see what has changed. Or you can make things yourself, so you can enjoy the game more. You can also see many mechanisms used in social media games.

Gambling addiction has many emotional layers. Therefore, when treating, you must take into account that they are taking someone out of the world where they are at home and have friends.